7:1 (January-March 2018)

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Maria Asuncion L. Magsino:

Peirce, Sebeok, and the Semiotic Reformation on Contemporary Communications


Claudio Marenghi:

La originalidad de la ontología tomista y su giro en torno al ser / The Originality of the Thomistic Ontology and Its Turn to Being


Peter A. Redpath:

Why Augustinian Apologetics and Logical Dialectic Are Not Enough to Defend the Reasonableness of the Christian Faith in an Increasingly-Fragmented World


Donna E. West:

Fashioning Episodes Through Virtual Habit: The Efficacy of Pre-Lived Experience


Małgorzata Łobacz:

The Problem and the Meaning of Material Poverty in the Age of Globalization. The Ethical and Pedagogical Aspect


J. Marianne Siegmund:

Silence and the Audibility of the Word: Contemplative Listening as a Fundamental Act of the New Evangelization. Part 2: Jesus Christ, the Eternal Listener


Brian Welter:

Thomas Aquinas on Bodily Identity by Antonia Fitzpatrick