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  • The Catholic Radio Indy—The Catholic Cave: Marc Tuttle and Tim O’Donnell are joined by Dr. Peter Redpath of the Aquinas School of Leadership to talk about the state of philospohical studies in academia. To listen to this broadcast, please click here
  • Heather M. Erb’s new book: The Path of Spiritual Happiness. This book is a story of the unfolding triumph of Christian happiness as a philosophy of life. We begin with ancient Greek roots and principles provided us by Aristotle, ‘the master of those who know.’ We continue through medieval flourishing in the sparkling syntheses of the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas. We move to the application of this Dominican saint’s penetrating vision to leisure and worship by a prominent twentieth century Thomist pilgrim, Josef Pieper. Pope John Paul II’s encyclicals complete the threads in this little tapestry of reason redeemed, which is offered for today’s Christian in the heart of the world. For more details, please click here