Anti-Plagiarism Policy

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  • Studia Gilsoniana do not tolerate any form of plagiarism.
  • Before submitting papers for publication in Studia Gilsoniana, Authors are kindly requested to ensure that they know:

             - what plagiarism is [see its definition];
             - what consequences it entails [see cons. A & cons. B].

  • By submitting their papers for publication in Studia Gilsoniana, Authors:

             - declare that each contribution to their work from works of others has explicitly
               been acknowledged and referenced;
             - certify that they are solely responsible for any incomplete reference
               that may remain in their work.

  • Studia Gilsoniana use the high priority version of Copyleaks plagiarism checker for publishers, in order to:

             - prevent plagiarism;
             - help Authors preserve the originality of their academic work.