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  • Submissions are welcomed in English, French, Polish and Spanish.
  • Papers will be considered for Studia Gilsoniana only if they meet all of the requirements:

             - they have not previously been published elsewhere;
             - they are not being considered for publication elsewhere;
             - they meet rules and standards of the journal presented on this website and
               its subpages (i.e., Formal Requirements For Papers, The Reviewing Procedure,
               Ethical Standards, Anti-Plagiarism Policy)

  • Address submitted texts to one of the following sections:

             - “Scripta Gilsoniana” (articles on the life and work of Étienne Gilson);
             - “Scripta Philosophica” (articles in the areas of Western philosophy explored by Gilson:
               philosophical realism, metaphysics, history of philosophy, philosophy of God,
               Christian philosophy, etc.);
             - “Miscellanea” (articles in the areas of Western civilization explored by Gilson:
               culture, art, literature, etc.);
             - “Ars Translatorica Classica” (original translations of classical philosophical texts
               from Greek or Latin into modern languages).


  • Submissions should be addressed to the Editor-in-chief: Prof. Imelda Chłodna-Błach (
  • Currently, submitted manuscripts are considered for publication in:



Studia Gilsoniana 11, no. 3 (July - September 2022)


  • The journal does not have any article submission charges or article processing charges (APCs).
  • In order to promote philosophical realism, selected articles in realistic philosophy are republished as translations in the section “Editio Secunda.” The articles will be considered for republication if:

             - their original versions were published in peer-reviewed publications
               such as academic journals or books;
             - they are recommended by a member of the academic council of Studia Gilsoniana;
             - their translations are accepted by the editorial board of the journal.