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  • Papers will be considered for Studia Gilsoniana only if they meet all of the requirements: (1) they have not previously been published elsewhere; (2) they are not being considered for publication elsewhere; and (3) they meet the formal requirements.
  • Address submitted texts to one of the following sections: “Varia Gilsoniana” (articles on Gilsonian philosophy), “Varia Classica” (articles on selected topics in classical philosophy), “Ars Translatorica Classica” (original translations of classical philosophical texts from Greek or Latin into modern languages).
  • In order to promote classical philosophy, selected articles in classical philosophy are republished in the section “Editio Secunda.” The articles will be considered for republication if (1) their original versions were published in peer-reviewed publications such as journals or academic books and (2) they are recommended by a member of the editorial board, scientific council, or International Étienne Gilson Society.
  • Scholars interested in submitting an article are encouraged to make direct contact with the Editor: Fr. Pawel Tarasiewicz (
  • The journal does not have any article submission charges or article processing charges (APCs).