The Reviewing Procedure

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  • Two competent and independent reviewers are appointed by the editorial office to review a submitted article. Two positive reviews are needed before an article may be published. In the case of one reviewer recommending an article for publication and the other rejecting it, a third reviewer is appointed to evaluate the text.
  • The double-blind review process is used; therefore, the Author and the reviewer will be anonymous to each other.
  • Reviewers are not allowed to make use of reviewed articles before their publication.
  • Authors will be informed of the results of the reviewing process in a timely manner.
  • The ultimate decision about the publication of a submitted paper is made by the editor-in-chief (once two recommendations for publication have been made by the reviewers).
  • The average time for a manuscript to be pre-evaluated is 14 days, to complete peer reviews—60 days, to be published online—180 days, to be published in print—210 days.
  • The names of reviewers of particular articles are not disclosed. Once a year the journal publishes the general list of reviewers on its website. To see the list of reviewers who reviewed articles for Studia Gilsoniana in 2021, please click here.
  • Reviews culminate in a definite recommendation regarding publication (to see the article review form, please click here).