What Skills Do Students Learn?

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The knowledge and academic skills acquired in studying philosophy with us are best illustrated by articles prepared by our students for publication in academic journals. Here are some examples:

  • Matthew D’Antuono, “The Meaning of Genus in Ancient Greek Philosophy up to Aristotle and in Thomas Aquinas,” Studia Gilsoniana 8, no. 3 (July–September 2019): 515–545, DOI: 10.26385/SG.080215: click here to read it
  • Thomas Lahay, “Avoiding Slipko’s Slips: Karol Wojtyla’s Two Levels of Value,” Studia Gilsoniana 8, no. 3 (July–September 2019): 621–643, DOI: 10.26385/SG.080324: click here to read it
  • Anthony Daum, “St. Thomas Aquinas and Fr. Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange on Wonder and the Division of the Sciences,” Studia Gilsoniana 8, no. 2 (April–June 2019): 249–276, DOI: 10.26385/SG.080212: click here to read it
  • Steven Barmore, “To See a City Come into Being in Speech: Genus and Analogy in Plato’s Republic,” Studia Gilsoniana 7, no. 2 (April–June 2018): 159–179, DOI:10.26385/SG.070208: click here to read it
  • Melissa Salisbury, “The Person in Relation: An Analysis of Great Catholic Education via Thomistic Personalism,” Studia Gilsoniana 7, no. 2 (April–June 2018): 263–291, DOI: 10.26385/SG.070212: click here to read it