What Skills Do Students Learn?

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The knowledge and academic skills acquired in studying philosophy with us are best illustrated by articles prepared by our students for publication in academic journals. Here are some examples:

  • icoFitzpatrick.pdf, 2017: The Hidden God. Achilles, Aquinas, and Moral Action in an Ordered World by Daniel Fitzpatrick
  • icoMcCall.pdf, 2017: Thomistic Personalism in Dialogue with Modern Depictions of Kenosis by Bradford McCall
  • icoPennance-Acevedo.pdf, 2017: St. Thomas Aquinas and John Locke on Natural Law by Ginna M. Pennance-Acevedo
  • icoWoelkers.pdf, 2016: Freedom for Responsibility: Responsibility and Human Nature in the Philosophical Anthropology of Karol Wojtyla by Sr. Mary Angela Woelkers, S.C.T.J.M.